Thursday, April 27, 2006

Critics of Israel Are Not Necessarily -- Anti-Semitic

I have always been pro-Israel, but I am beginning to become a critic of the Jewish State and its leaders there -- and supporters here.

As Molly Ivins in her column of April 26th points out there is a knee jerk response among people like Alan Dershowitz and organizations like AIPAC (American Israel
Public Affairs Committee) which rouses them instantly to affix “anti-semite” to non Jews, or “self-hating Jews” to anyone who finds fault with Israel and its actions/ policies.

This Pavlovian response by certain Israel supporters to quash any one or any group that points out Israel’s mistakes, faults, strategy --- will cause the Jewish state to lose some of its best friends. And God knows ---- Israel needs all the friends they can muster---despite their possession of nuclear weapons.

Oddly enough, within Israel there is room for energetic, and no-hold barred debates between the Jewish factions within the Knesset and the country at large.
However, people like Mr. Dershowitz cannot tolerate that kind of dissenting views within -- the USA.

The latest explosion amongst America’s fanatical supporters of the Jewish state was caused by a mouse that did not even roar: two professors, one from Harvard and one from the University of Chicago--whose academic paper called “The Israel Lobby” was published in the London Review of Books.

This rather dull piece from academe makes too obvious points: Israel receives more American aid than anyone else, and, at times, America may have subordinated its interests to those of Israel.

What’s new?? I already knew this, and so do many others.

It’s made me think over things, though.

I think it’s time the USA began to take a more active part in pushing these two entities---Israel and the Palestinian authority harder. We have cut off all but humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. I think it’s time we cut back on our aid to Israel.

If I am frustrated by the Israelis continuing to build settlements: in the West Bank, around Jerusalem, and, in East (Arab) Jerusalem---how do the Palestinians feel?

By the time Israel is finished with their present course of actions----a viable Palestinian state will be impossible---so fragmented will the Jews have made it.

Now, I believe that the Palestinians should have accepted the United Nations’ decision that there be two states in, I believe, 1948. The Jews did. That was smart. The Palestinian Arabs did not; that was stupid.

However, the Palestinians were under unbelievable pressure, I would say pressure that could not be resisted by an unorganized group of people called the Palestinians. This pressure came from Islam and specifically Arab states like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria to refuse the United Nations. It would have taken extraordinary courage for the Palestinians to agree. In fact, if they had agreed the Arab armies would have moved in (as they did anyway) and taken over.

Therefore, from my viewpoint, there was nothing much the Palestinians could do at that time.

Since then--they continue to be the pawn of their fellow Muslim ”brothers“---who were not acting in the Palestinians’ interest --- but using them as a pretext to destroy Israel.

Then we have Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO -- all in Palestine preventing a sensible solution. So, pressure from outside; pressure from inside.

Frankly, what could the Palestinian people do themselves? Bombarded by anti-Jewish propaganda; most of their schools teaching a perverse depiction of Jews; their area being sucked dry by Arafat and his opportunists---if you were one of the ordinary people living there---what action would you have taken?

Enough is Enough.

Hamas was democratically elected as the main political power in the Palestinian area. I was sure they would be. Although they have committed their share of terror, they do have some pluses: there are much less corrupt than the PLO; they have actually helped the Palestinian people with food, shelter, clothes etc.; they are organized, disciplined and respected. All things the PLO can’t say.

Good riddance to the PLO.

Nixon went to China. A Democrat President could not dare do that.

Hamas --- if Israel and the USA and others stop thinking of Hamas’ past track record and give Hamas a chance to represent the Palestinians. And IF Israel starts being serious (no, I don’t think they have been) about wanting peace, wanting a two states solution; wanting a viable, stable Palestinian state---and reverses some of its insane building projects--including the “wall”--- then things might get settled.

It may require America reducing aid to Israel. They need to know that they do not have a right to this money; they do not have a veto over sane American policy.

If each side plays its hand with courage and common sense---we might see a two states existing in this tiny bit of land, sometimes called “The Holy Land,” and two states that will wake up to the benefits of a real and prosperous symbiotic relationship which would amaze the world----and, possibly amaze and confound the Arab League.

Nixon did it, maybe Hamas can surprise us ---and themselves --- and turn the lock.