Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tom Brokaw Speaks at Ohio State U.

We have lost three news anchormen who were not actors playing the part of ringmasters on a nightly media circus: Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw. These three may be the last of a line of professionals which included Howard K. Smith, Eric Severeid and Edward R Murrow.

Last week Tom Brokaw appeared at Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, and among his comments, I thought these really were very perceptive:
(These are excerpts from an article in the Canton Repository on March 14th, 2006. by Paul Kostyu.)

"Brokaw said politicians are not governing to advance the common welfare, but they have created ideological fiefdoms to protect their own'."

"'We need to take back the American political system,' he said. 'There's too much money in it. There's too much exclusions.'"

"'And it's people who can fix the system, he said. 'It's no good for people to be educated if they're not informed.'"

"'The job of being a citizen is full time and it's hard work. There's no delete button for racism or poverty. There's little use wiring the world, if we short-circuit our souls.'"

(Bold faced type is my doing. bob)