Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Decision for November 2nd

Although I think the Democratic Party is a partially owned subsidiary of corporate America (the GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary), the terrible condition our country is in -- one of the worst in its history -- does not allow me to vote my preference: Green or Democratic Socialist. We are only given two choices in this "free" country --- whoever the two parties present to us. I had planned on voting for a third party. We must start doing this to force a choice, but the GOP has practically ruined the nation in the last eight years. I am not going to go into particulars: it would take two or three blogs at least. And, if you think I off-base on this view ----stop reading this blog. It will make no sense to you!

I prefer Obama over McCain mainly because I admire and respect Obama more as a PERSON than I do McCain. Obama is more intelligent, wiser, more open, more compassionate --- just a better person for the job. He is willing to embrace some degree of change. And change there MUST be. Obama thinks. Obama can appreciate nuance. Obama is not a military man. I prefer a civilian to be the Commander-in-Chief. Obama may not have as much experience as some other candidates that were originally in the running. However, it is not how many years you have been a politician, but the quality of the years you did spend.

The USA after eight years of the kind of person and President we had in Bush---deserves someone who is QUALITY.

As for Joe Biden -- I've always like him. There is something down to earth, ordinary, and value centered about him. He is smart. And no one in the Senate has his grasp of foreign policy. And, he can be tough. He will make a good Vice President.

As for John McCain, I do not feel that I can trust his judgment. His career is spotted by ethical lapses, lobbyists and the revolving door, and despite his somewhat questionable reputation of a maverick -- he has been and still is a right wing conservative. I do not think his image as a war hero should have ANY bearing on my vote. Many members of our armed forces were war heroes. McCain showed up for one-third of his votes last year and voted for Bush's policies 95% of the time. Is this a maverick?

McCain is too old; he looks it and he acts it. I detect a lack of sharpness in his speeches. Repartee, Yes.
One-liners, Yes. However, not much depth or insight. I think he is shallow. His hot headeness is legendary. We do NOT need this. Once he said that he felt his tendency to anger was a good quality. Not for one with the red telephone. I simply don't see John McCain as Presidential material.

As for Sarah Palin. I do not align myself with her values. She has a tiny amount of experience and what we see when we examine it --- is not pretty. She likes to fire those who disagree or oppose her. She seems to lack judgment, good sense. I could go on, but her choice was a silly one. In fact, her choice, in itself, I would think, would cause anyone considering McCain--to take another look at the Obama-Biden ticket.

In Obama/Biden we have two admirable persons who will do a much better job at putting the American people first. We have to have leaders who will lead for the American people -- and not ask the Multi National Corporations what should be done at secret meetings within the White House.