Friday, August 01, 2008

What a Mess!

I received an email yesterday from a friend with this query:

And this week the continued arrogance of Karl Rove,
> refusing to appear before Congress. How do these guys get
> away with this stuff. There must not be a whole lot of
> courage on the part of Democrats or independents to let
> these guys get away with all of this.

My friend was referring to the refusal of Karl Rove (and Harriet Myers) to honor the demand from Congress that they appear before. As usual, George II simply exclaims "executive privilege". Executive malfeasance, executive arrogance, executive overreach --- would be better terms for Bush's trampling on the rule of law.

When this administrations ends -- and that cannot come any too soon -- we will have to erect once more the framework for our republic. It has been dismantled.

The Constitution as well as the intent, IMO, of the founding fathers was that this administration's examples of outrageous behavior would be dealt with effectively by our elected leaders in Congress, and by the rulings of the Supreme Court. That's why we have the "balance of powers" and impeachment.

The problem is largely, at least at present -- the Democrats. They are so fearful of doing anything that might raise the ire of the GOP faithful -- who then awakened from their apathy over McCain as their candidate--- would charge like maddened boars into the campaign.

The Democrats need to heed more the Left than the Center. This "center" is no longer the center of forty years ago --- the Bush forces have moved so far to the right --- that they have dragged the center with them and within borders of the worst kind of conservatism.

The Democrats have a problem in that they still have not found some type of philosophical stance or foundation to rally around and for the American public to identify with.

Even if this would happen, we still would still have a problem: Americans have been so brainwashed by the Media, right wing talk shows (very popular) and the lies and distortions of the White House that they can't see clearly. Delusion has overtaken many of our countrymen. They live in a world of confusion, lies, and false notions of what it means to be an American. Bizarre conservative and neo-conservative notions of American Patriotism have become accepted as "scripture". The public is not sure of what is right and what is wrong ---what is darkness and what is light.

What a mess!

Solution: time.

Perhaps further collapse. And then a national awakening.

One man can't do it, and this includes Obama. As for McCain -- he's not viable Presidential material. McCain's main "positive" is that -- if national collapse is what we eventually will require -- he will bring it on.