Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tightening the Noose

Although the majority of the ordinary people of the Czech Republic and Poland do not want to be part of the U.S. Missile Defense System---apparently through a combination of pressure,
bribes and wheedling Uncle Sam will receive permission from
the leaders of these two countries to go ahead. Even Iran's latest and most sophisticated missile can only reach (if it works) Greece and Bulgaria--still -- the U.S. thinks this new extension of Reagan's "Star Wars" vision is necessary. Despite the fact that -- even if Iran begins a program to develop a nuclear bomb right now -- it will be at least five to ten years before they might have one. Even though the U.S. is heavily in debt to its creditors, especially China, and our infrastructure back in the homeland is falling apart -- this new extension of our "security" system MUST go ahead. Why? Are we spending money to defend Europe or NATO? I do not admire our largesse. Let them develop their own system.

Russia, and not just Vladimir Putin is furious. We did not even discuss our plans with this country who obviously will feel threatened with missiles only 115 miles from their borders. I vaguely remember Kennedy and the U.S. being upset with Russian missiles in Cuba. These interceptor missiles will be on an Polish island in the Baltic Sea. The Czech Republic will host our sophisticated radar guidance and alert system. However, the two new additions will be seamlessly worked in to be a part of the U.S. National Missile Defense System, and changes can be made.

Putin offered to let the U.S. use a Russian rented site in Azerbaijan --- which borders on Iran for missile defense. But, we turned the offer down.

Russia feels the United States is deliberately and steadily surround their country with armed force and countries in the "pocket of the U.S." If you look at the maps on this blog --- you can see why they feel this way. How would we like it if the Russian had bases in Mexico, Cuba and Canada? (I forgot, sorry, we are the good guys -- always.)

Independent U.S. scientists say the missile defense system is unreliable and has not proven itself in tests. Other experts say, it could be circumvented. The Iranians are not a primitive tribe.

With the former Soviet Republics along Russia's border; with missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic; with the Ukraine and Georgia (both directly bordering Russia)on track to be new members of NATO ---- well if I were Putin -- I'd be worried too.

Let's hear the actual words of Vladimir Putin:
“Some people have the illusion that you can do everything just as you want, regardless of the interests of other people. Of course it is for precisely this reason that the international situation gets worse and eventually results in an arms race. But we are not the instigators. We do not want it. Why would we want to divert resources to this? And we are not jeopardizing our relations with anyone. But we must respond. Name even one step that we have taken or one action of ours designed to worsen the situation. There are none. We are not interested in that. We are interested in maintaining a good atmosphere." Putin added exasperated, “So what should we do?” The present situation has brought us “the brink of disaster!”

We thought the Cold War was over, but there are still some slightly glowing embers, and our leaders are deliberately fanning them. Eisenhower warned the country of the military industrial complex. And yet, the neo cons are still active behind the scenes and Halliburton, Blackwater and other vultures are having a feast in Iraq -- and elsewhere.

Obama is right. We do need CHANGE.