Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Am Saying "No" to the Olympics

I am not watching ANY of this year's Olympics because I don't think it is appropriate that China act as host to the Olympic games when they are exercising brutal oppression over Tibet and its people. Tibetans are different in ethnicity, culture, history, and religion. Tibet has NEVER been a part of China.

I feel a certain special kindred with the Tibetan people for several reasons. While living in Taos in 1997-98, I joined a Tibetan prayer and meditation group. In December 1998, in a gathering in Taos, I and others took public refuge vows to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha from Tana Tulku, a respected and learned Tibetan lama who was driven out of Tibet, was mainly living in India, but who came to Taos to meet a growing group of followers there.

I had a number of personal meetings with three Tibetan lamas, and through them and my contact with some of the Tibetan people who live in northern NM I became acquainted with their earthiness, good humor, devotion, and compassion.

When I performed my personal Tibetan Buddhist practice, I actually felt that I -- somehow --was connected to others who were following this spiritual way throughtout the world. I sensed their presence in my room.

How can I watch the Olympic games and have "fun" doing this when I know what is happening everyday to my Tibetan Sangha members in Tibet?

The Olympic Games have been sullied more and more as years go by rampant commercialism and now they have added another disfigurement to a once proud tradition. These games remind me of the 1936 Olympics.