Thursday, June 19, 2008

High Gas Prices: Blessing in Disguise?

A BLESSING IN DISGUISE ?? -- The "High" Cost of Gasolene

Let me count the ways ---

1. More thought will be given to buying the groceries needed at one time, rather than going back unnecessarly. There may be less accidents because the roads won't be quite as crowded. Cars will last longer. Many people will drive slower to conserve fuel.

2. Precious farmland will be conserved as prospective home buyers choose to live closer to their jobs.

3. Many persons will take vacations nearer home --- less time spent on the road all of this with a more use of local attractions.

4. People will demand cars that are more energy efficient. Hydrogen fueled cars will become a reality sooner, and hydrogen fueling stations will begin to spring up across America.

5. Automobiles will be seen as something necessary for some people, but not viewed as desirable in themselves. Public transit will be more in demand and expanded.

6. Europeans pay up to $10.00 a U.S. gallon for gas and have learned to deal this this situation Now, the crunch has reached us. Intelligence has been defined as the ability to adapt.

7. The benefits to the Earth, our home, will be immeasurable as global warming will be reduced.

8. Americans will be healthier and some medical costs will be reduced because of less air pollution.

Of course, for many of us, this needed transition will be difficult to adapt to. However, we are an endangered species and it's time we try to save our Home and our future.

Some Americans will find the high cost of gas devastating -- those with lower incomes especially below the poverty line, and some of the lower middle class. However, these persons always suffer in situations like this. They often lack decent heath care coverage, have problems putting food on the table, etc. These are the forgotten people, forgotten but increasing in numbers. The American system doesn't do much for these citizens. They are used to getting the short end of the stick. Some day they may rebel, or at least vote.