Saturday, April 12, 2008

Most Important? Tibet or Olympics?

There have been a number of statements that basically say: "Let's not spoil the Olympic fun by getting embroiled in the Tibet matter." A few days ago, the President of the International Committee, Jacques Rogge said: "We recognize the right for people to protest and express their views, but it should be nonviolent. We are very sad for all the athletes and the people who expected so much from the run and have been spoiled of their joy."

Mr. Rogge was referring to the carrying of the Olympic Torch from place to place on its way to the Olympic city. IMO, this "run" is another example of the crass commercialism that the Olympic Games have fallen victim to as corporate entities more and more dominate the games. Everything, these days, must be milked for every dollar possible. Why can't we let things be simpler --- closer to the original games? Or would this violate the ideology of "progress". I, for one, was delighted at the disruptions of this "run" in France. France or the French seem more and more to becoming favorites of mine. They go their own way and take their own positions much more --- than some nations.

The International Olympic Committee is one of the least transparent groups today. It is bastion of secrecy, power deals, and an instrument of those with clout.

The carrying of the Olympic Torch originated when Nazi Germany "hosted" the Summer Olympics of 1936. The "run" was devised to travel through parts of Europe, e.g. the the Suddetenland, a region that Hitler claimed to be part of Germany. (As China claims Tibet). Not a very distinguished tradition -- in its origin or in its present guise.

China intends to run the Olympic torch across Tibet from bottom to top including a stop in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, the site of much violent repression by the Chinese occupying forces. It is obvious that moving the torch through Tibet will cause riots, bloodshed, turmoil and suffering. However Red China MUST do this, and for the same reason the Nazis' did in 1936 --- to show that this land belongs to them. This is not "low key" behavior --- this is blatant, arrogant effrontery.

China made a number of promises in order to be considered for the Olympics. One was to open up Tibet. This they have NOT done. Another to release political prisoners. Only a very few have been let go --- while they are putting others in jail for not following their rules about "free speech".

That leads me to consider the claims of China over Tibet. Once before I did a little study of this matter. A few days ago, I did some more poking around. It was interesting to see how China has attempted to present its unfounded, mythic view of property rights over Tibet --- by flooding Google with articles presenting their perception of the China/Tibet history.

All I can say is this: I believe the Chinese version of this history is inaccurate. In fact, it has practically no merit and no solid evidence. It is a "forced" account. Much the Soviet rewritiing of their history. I realliy do not believe any fairminded person could give the "time of day" to this fictionalized history.

During my two searches, in fact today, I came across what I believe is the most exact, the most truthful presentation in clear and concise account.

Check out this site.

China is getting away with murder both literally and in the broader sense because other nations are afraid of China -- especially afraid of losing out on the Chinese "market". Many African nations are being wooed by China for their oil or raw materials. So it boils down to this: Tibet is a human rights' travesty: a nation with a long history of independence, the chalice of a profound spirituality, a people with their own language, culture, ethnicity ---- being sold down the river for thirty silver coins.