Friday, December 28, 2007

Pseudo Democracy

Democracy exists feebly in our nation. We have perfected a pseudo democracy: the union of corporate and individual power and their interests (Profit, Power) with our elected representatives with their interests (perpetuity in office, nice perks, wealth) Both are driven by ego enlargement and greed.

The result oligarchy and plutocracy joined at the hip. Or maybe we could just call it --- corporacracy.

This view is not pessimistic -- it is a mild form of realism.

The empire may have to collapse before improvements can come. The corrupt institutions are in place, and it is hard to see change. The media is a waste. I listen everyday to Amy Goodman to find out what is happening outside the box the average American lives in. Driven by the demands of corporate productivity, becoming transformed into creatures who must emulate the efficiency of machinery, technology, and computer---who is to blame them for their lack of seeing the total picture?

I am an unhappily registered Democrat only because this allows me to vote in the primaries. I would prefer to register as an Independent -- however this would unjustly prevent me having any influence by vote on the candidates.Most of the Democrats are not worth voting for. And, all of the Republican are hopeless.

Of course, if I were a BAEC (Born Again Evangelical Christian), I would have hope: Christ is coming very soon to destroy the evildoers, along with the earth, and establish a new kingdom for the righteous.

If I were twenty years younger and had enough money, there are a number of countries that I might move to -- not just Canada.

What is now egregiously diseased with the U.S. is the present administration which has done an enormous amount of evil within this country, overseas and to the planet. We are the most dangerous country on earth.

Someday I will get around to writing something about capitalism and corporate domination of everyone and everything on the planet: either in actuality or in potentiality. Capitalism, the savage variety which we have "fine-tuned" with the help of a few other countries is -- at its heart contrary to both the message of Buddha and Jesus. Of course, this is my opinion. I think we have to start facing up to the fact that we cannot claim to be Buddhists or followers of Jesus and not realize that capitalism must be either modified or replaced.

Please don't ask me what the replacement would be. I am working on it. It might do -- simply to establish a democratic government (one man one vote variety) that has control, real control for the common good, aka the people---over the economic system. The political system of a democracy must be powerful enough to be the master of the economic system. Otherwise, it would be a democracy in name only.

As Fr. Rohr said once ---we must not call the Darkness Light. Darkness is Darkness. Light is Light.
Let's be brave and honest enough to face the difference and recognize it ---even if we seem to be helpless to effect change.