Friday, August 24, 2007

Problem and Solution

This is a continuation of my blog, Problems and Cause.

Of course, savage capitalism is not THE cause of suffering, disorder, degradation of both humans and their environment. However, it is, IMO, at present, the main support system for the evils in the world. Savage Capitalism supports, encourages, "nurtures," promotes, exacerbates, and accelerates the downfall of what is True, Good and Beautiful.

To look at the root cause, we can look to the teachings of Buddhism: Buddha Dharma.

The Buddha pointed to three roots of evil, suffering, angst.. in our world: desire (lust, greed),
aversion (hatred, anger), and delusion (ignorance).

The main root cause is delusion --- not seeing things and ourselves clearly, i.e. believing that we are the center of the universe and ceaselessly attempting to support our false self, our Ego, by grasping those things (money, power, prestige, respect, love) that will support the Ego and make it more secure more important and more satisfied. As we "acquire" these ego "needs" --
we then cling to them. Imagine having your arms outstretched and filled with precious material: money, clothes of your "office," jewels, -- whatever you don't want to lose. This clinging would soon become very tiring. We would be expending our energy and we would be suffering-- trying to hold on to everything.

Desire in the form of the obssessive pursuit fulfillment of lust and greed and power leads to suffering -- not just for ourselves but for others. Buddhism teaches that we are not dependent, nor independent but --- interdependent. So. our actions, thoughts and feelings affect others and vice versa.

Aversion is simply attempting -- futilely -- to eliminate anything or any person who interferes with our pursuit of our desires. When we are confronted by obstacles to the satisfaction of our perceived ego needs --- hatred arises within us and anger takes over.

The desire for harmony, peace, true joy is not the desire -- I am referring to above.

As Fr. Roth points out -- in this world there is Light and Darkness. We need to perceive the difference, but we do not have to hate the Darkness.

In the Dhammapada, an ancient Buddhist test it says --

In this world
Hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate.
This the law,
Ancient and inexhaustible.
(translation by Thomas Byrom)

Once the Buddha was asked by his followers how they would be able to recognize a true teacher of Dharma (ultimate truth) -- after the Buddha was no longer with them.

To paraphrase, the Buddha answered -- if a teacher shows and proclaims a path that leads to harmony among beings, inner peace, compassion for all, and all that leads to the cessation of suffering both inner and outer --- he is a true teacher.

A society which promotes competition over cooperation; endless needs and desires for transient things; that encourages greed and inordinate, obsessive search for pleasure; that approves and, often, glorifies violence; which prides itself on individualism over community;
that has no concern for things other than the material --- is one that causes suffering for all concerned. It is based on delusion and such a society or system is an advocate for what Fr. Roth calls the Darkness.

Savage Capitalism fits the partial description, IMO, that I have given in the above paragraph.

In succeeding blog on this same general subject, I hope to cover these topics:

"What would Jesus say about the present world order?"

"What are the possible solutions or alternate to Savage Capitalism?"