Monday, October 09, 2006

What's Happening? 10-10-06


"absolutely not acceptable" "a sad failure"

I would be upset myself if I spent $207 million and didn't get my money's worth!
That much money ( $90 million more than any other club) should purchase a world series! What's this world coming to ---anyway.

The announcer during one of the last two games of the Yankee/Tiger playoffs, that
in one inning when three Yankees who came to the plate failed to get a hit >>>Their combined contracts equaled $32 million!!!


During the Clinton administration steps were taken to use diplomacy in defusing North Korea's military program: both the buiding of nuclear weapons and the selling of missles to other countries. Secretary of State Madeline Albright met with the N.Korea leader at the very end of Clinton's second term. Progress was being made in defusing N. Korea.

The Clinton administration passed along materials and ideas to Bush to pursue a policy that was having reasonable success---however, the neo-cons had already decided for Bush that "we" don't negotiate with untrustworthy countries.

What is so bad about our senior diplomats sitting down with theirs and discussing a solution? The N. Koreans made it plain they were seeking some economic aid and, above all, they wanted one on one talks.

The result of Bush's macho policy toward N.Korea (and others) is that we now have a new member of the nuclear club.

And what about Iran, a more dangerous nation because of its location, its sophistication and technology? We won't sit down with them either. We still remember our citizens being taken hostage during the last part of Carter's presidency.

Our hubris prevents us from using intelligence, and, yes, occasional compromise. We know that we are the BEST, THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD and we don't have to behave like other lesser countries.

This arrogance is self defeating and creating the perception almost everywhere in the world ---except within our borders---that this nation has forsaken its principles, is out of control, and no longer to be respected or admired.