Sunday, March 05, 2006

Eternal Vigilance (and a little Wisdom) Is the Price of Liberty (and Privacy)

<bold><fontfamily><param>Arial Black</param>Today we seem to be losing
more and more of our rights to privacy. And, at the same time our
federal government is expanding its "right" to privacy and secrecy

Using as an excuse the "War" on Terrorism, the U.S. Government is
behaving like a Stealth Bomber---off the radar.

We are told that this is an emergency; the forces of evil are all
around us---here and there----and everywhere. We can't know what our
government is doing because the "boogie" man might get us.

Personally, I realize that some adjustments must be made to our way
of life in war time, but this "war" is not exactly a typical war. For
one thing: there is no end in sight. Terrorism will always be with
us. And, has not been lacking in world history. True, a modern day
terrorist individual can secure biological/ chemical materials, or
even nuclear material----and release it --- harming thousands.

This is a fact, and it's not going away. The question is to recognize
it. Take rational steps to help prevent an attack, but realize that
making absolutely sure a terrorist attack will not happen
<underline>Cannot</underline> be done---without destroying our
liberties which include not only our freedom --- but <underline>our
right to privacy.</underline>

<underline> </underline>BTW--the most certain way of reducing the
threat of terrorism is to reduce the causes of it. And the causes
largely stem from the living conditions of people in the Third World:
lack of jobs, lack of decent homes, sanitation, etc.

It is wrong to say that Islamic fundamentalism is the main

source of the problem. "Islamists" would have a very small pool of
recruits if it were not for the great many Muslim young men unemployed
and without hope for decent lives. Filled with anger and resentment,
needing something to dedicate themselves to---they flock continuously
to their local Jihad Recruitment Office. "Yes! A jihad against the
infidels who have so much, while we have so little."

The Iraq War --SO FAR-- has cost at least 230 BILLION dollars.

What if only a portion, a relatively small portion, had gone towards

creating better conditions in the home countries of these soldiers in
the army of jihad? Instead, we have created chaos, destruction,
resentment and anger in Iraq. And, many more recruits for the
terrorist groups. Osama Bin Ladin is no longer the problem. At one
time their was the appearance of a single terrorist group led by him.
Today, though, things are differnt: now we have a multitude of groups:
spawning other groups---like rampant cancer cells. The cat is out of
the bag.

America sometimes acts like everything is a football game. Just hit
them hard. And win. Winning isn't the most important thing. It's the
only thing. We want our victory to be swift, decisive and final.

We have the power. Let' s go! Full force. If between 30,000 to
100,000 innocent civilians are killed in Iraq --- Well, it's this
"collateral damage is the cost of bringing <underline>our brand
</underline>of democracy to them. Our kind, btw, not the kind that
might fit them better.

Have we won, or have we lost? Are we close to scoring the final
touchdown, or are we in the hole because of fumbles --- and a coach,
who has called the wrong plays.

The price for us has been high: in dollars, in our soldiers' lives;
in our personal freedoms; and in our privacy.

A new enormous repository for all the information about us that can
be gathered by science and technology is being built in CO.

Our government say: "To be able to know everything about a handful of
terrorists---we must know everything about all of you. Don't worry.
You can trust us. The government serves the common good of all its

Believe that, and you will be a potential buyer for the Brooklyn