Monday, January 16, 2006

Rambling Around the Sun News

Roaming through the pages of our local newspaper, The Las Cruces Sun News, I come across articles, large and small, often small that start a series of thoughts coursing through my brain.


Now isn't this something. All along I thought everyone inside one of these citizen "tanks" would be safe from harm. It's only the rest of us with less weight and power that are in danger, especially from the SUV's.
Why do people buy SUV's? Is it a macho thing? Probably
Is it because people like to be prepared for anything: snowy blizzards, California mudslides, miles and miles of dunes, railroad trains? Probably. Are the soccer moms going along with hubby's lust for one of these monsters because the kiddies will be safe and sound once they close the turret and crawl inside? Probably? Or, maybe advertising costing millions convince them that this is the maximum vehicle; anything less doesn't reach the limit. For sure. (Car companies make more profit on SUV'S then practically any other vehicle; hence their desire to push their sale and fight government demanding better mpg.)


Gladdened by the thought that Bush, Cheney and Co. had been brought to justice to doing more in their presidency to terrorize Mother nature, e.g. not signing Kyoto. Imagine then my disappointment to discover that these "terrorists" are just plain folks trying to protect Mother Nature by blowing up a few cell towers, power generators, and some U.S. Forest property. These small fry are more like Eco-Preservationists than terrorists.

Isn't it so typical: the people in positions of power and wealth who are destroying the earth with euphemisms like "Clean Skies" and "Healthy Forests" "initiatives; who thumb their noses at the world community's attempt to stop the REALITY of global warming---can literally get away with matricide?


Is this another example of handouts to people that need to make something of themselves by attending private prep schools, then graduating from Yale where they can enter proper American society, the society for winners and not losers?

Actually, no, it's just a continuation of the 400 year holocaust of our native peoples, you know, the ones that were here before we pushed them out of the way, massacred them for defending what was theirs, rounding them up and passing out blankets for the cold winter in their latest "home" ---with blankets infected with small pox.

The U.S. Government has lost millions, probably billions of dollars that were supposed to go into the Indian Trust Fund through money earned it from a variety of sources such as oil and gas production, grazing leases, coal production and timber sales on their allotted lands.

Senator John McCain, chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee calls this mismanagement of Indian money "theft from the Indian people," among the poorest of our poor, and arguably the most oppressed people within our borders.

In June the tribes filed a law suit about the disappearance of moneys due them from the use of their reservation lands.

>>>>>Can you imagine what the rest of us would do if the U.S. government told us they could not find the money for our Social Security payments??



What will Rove and Cheney do to Walter? Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife, CIA agent,Valerie Plame, was "outed" by the White House. Kerry was smeared by the Swift Boat crew of disgruntled Vietnam veterans, supported by money from wealthy conservatives, mostly Texan. Sen, McCain, Republican from AZ was slandered when he challenged Dubbya in the 2004 primary with the implication that McCain was unstable, and possible suffering mental and emotional problems from his imprisonment during the Vietnam War.

But---how can the dirty trick boys smear Cronkite at 89 still one of the most respected and liked national icons we have left.

"Karl, this will be a real challenge. But I know you can do it."