Friday, July 15, 2005

Voluntary sharing of wealth vs. Globalization

I used to think I and other Americans should voluntarily donate some of our financial resources; move into smaller homes, drive older cars, longer, etc. because it was the humane, yes, Christian thing to do.

Now, it looks like the malign forces in power will make this come true in a weird way. Globalization will spread the wealth and goodies around. It will level the playing field, but, as usual, and even more so today--the top 1-2% will take 90% of the wealth unto themselves.

As a Buddhist Thai activist and economist said many years ago, "What difference does it make if Thailand doubles its GNP but the top 1% still have 95% of the proceeds. It's not the GNP that needs to be increased; it's the distribution of the wealth that needs to become fair and compassionate.11my